Thursday, January 14, 2016

Miss America

I've never been any good at reading women or figuring them out.  In this respect I figure I'm an average guy.  It wasn't until writing this chapter that two things occurred to me: One, Dorothy had to have been the one to ask me out.  I don't remember either way, but it had to be her initiating this date.

There is just no way I would ask any woman out on a date when I was so crazy over Mary, but especially not a CBN guest, which would be inappropriate, and double especially not someone so far out of my league as the current Miss America.  I am sure she asked me out.  Thinking it though, I'm surprised I was confident enough to accept.  The second thing I now realize is that it's likely Dorothy asked me out to help me out with Mary.  On the ride from the airport to her hotel that first night all I talked about was Mary.  I doubt Dorothy meets many guys who spend their time with her talking about another woman.  She had to figure I was crazy about this gal.  I think she thought of it over that night, then asked me out the next morning when I picked her up for The 700 Club.  I am confident that she worked it out and figured the best thing she could do to help me was to make Mary jealous. It is the only thing that makes sense.
Since this only just occurred to me I've never asked Mary if she was jealous of my date with Miss America.  She didn't act like she was jealous, though she did soften up her resistance towards me after that date.  Nor do I know if Mary and Dorothy ever met.  They were both in the building at the same time during the telethon and both knew who the other was so there was plenty of opportunity for them to meet.  I know I didn't introduce them to each other, but someone else could have.  How about it Wife of mine.  Did that date with Dorothy make you jealous?  Did it have any impact on your softening up towards me?  And did you and Dorothy meet each other during the telethon.  Answer it here, Please, so everyone else will know the answer too.  :-)

The story of Clayton's date with Miss America is in his book, A Life Wasted, currently being written and posted on Wattpad for free. 

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