Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 3, 2016 Hamburger Day

Today was hamburger day.  Something to count on every Wednesday.  Thirteen years ago Thursday was hamburger day.  At that point Thursday had been hamburger day in the federal prison system for several decades.  I remember well when they changed hamburger day to Wednesday because my buddy, who'd been down for twenty-nine years was extremely upset over the change.  I said, "Wednesday or Thursday, what difference does it make?"  Well, it made a difference to him, which he expressed to me in his usual colorful way.  This was an early lesson for me.  Prisoners need a consistent pattern in life.  Change that pattern in the slightest way and it upsets things.

So back to hamburger day.  I like hamburger day.  The hamburger's aren't that bad.  Well, they're not great either.  The secret to hamburger day, as is the case with most prison food, is condiments.  On hamburger day I carry ketchup, mayonnaise, and jalapeno peppers.  If I have the time I saute jalapenos and fresh garlic in olive oil, which I cook in the microwave, then bring all that to the chow hall.  Get it right and that hamburger is a treat.  I like hamburger day, so I usually bring all the fixings and have a good hamburger.  Bring the right condiments and the food's not too bad most of the time.

Tonight is beef taco, which will require lots of garlic and hot sauce.

I have to purchase those condiments, which I get through the prison commissary.  Commissary day is Monday, so I'll tell you more about that on Monday.
Of note in the outside world today is that President Obama signed more than 200 Commutation orders (like a pardon but only dealing with the sentence, not the conviction).  Two of the guys to receive a serious time reduction from the President today are guys I know from here.  One of them I know real well.  The time cut will mean he has two more years to go, but after serving twenty-three years he's pretty excited about it.  The guy is sixty-seven years old and as harmless as a man can be.  The President got it right in giving him a break.

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