Friday, August 26, 2016

August 25th 60th Birthday

Today is my 60th birthday.  That's supposed to be a significant birthday, but it doesn't feel special to me.  I don't feel any different.  I guess I'm surprised I made it this far, but that's only because I lived such a dangerous life.  They say "The good die young" so by inference the bad live forever. So I'm 60 years old today and going strong.  Doubt I'll live forever, but do feel like I've got more left in me.
The heart attack and quadruple bypass heart surgery six years ago was a scare, but I've been feeling good since.  Since today is Thursday I'll play soccer with the youngsters.  One of them just slapped me on the back and reminded me about the game tonight.  Said something about me being too old to remember, but wanted me out there to play.  He doesn't know today is my birthday because I keep that a secret.  No reason for it, but I don't want any one here to know.
Think I'll call Mary tonight so she can rub it in that I'm 60.  Got to let her have some fun too.

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