Friday, August 12, 2016

Grandson & Snickers

I'm a grandpa!  Again.  Our 15th grandchild was born last night.  Joshua was 8 pounds and 11 ounces. Mary was there with Hope through the labor and birth.  I talked to Mary and Hope at the hospital and heard Joshua express his displeasure over something.  Baby's perfect.  Hope is tired but good, son-in-law Scott seems to have survived the ordeal as well.  I'm relieved to hear that everyone is okay.  I usually worry when one of my kids is having a baby, but more so this time than normal.  I am sure it was because it was Hope having the baby.  I have seen her on visits as a woman, but in my mind she will always be "my little girl."

Mary has a Delta flight home in two days, so hopefully the airline will have its computer squared away by then.
Smoking has been prohibited in federal prison since 2004, so I couldn't get cigars.  For this reason I started a tradition twelve years ago with Snickers Bar.  No, I didn't smoke the Snickers Bar, I ate it. Also part of the tradition I got two Snickers Bars and gave one to a friend as payment for having to listen while I bragged about my latest grandson.  I'm quite the braggart when it comes to my children and grandchildren so it seems only fair I bribe my friends with a candy bar.  My friends put up with me because...well, other than the candy bar I'm not sure why but they put up with me.
Soccer tonight.  I'm feeling healthy and ready for a good romp.  Life is good.

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