Thursday, August 25, 2016

"True Detective" Book Review

Just finished reading "True Detective" by Max Allan Collins.  Though it is not listed as such, I'd go so far to call "True Detective" a story of Historical Fiction.   It's a detective story set in 1932 Chicago that accurately portrays the depth of the city government's corruption and ties to Al Capone's mob, which was being run by Frank Nitty at the time.  I'm not particularly interested in this period of time, but this book was so well written that it drew me in.  It was full of period facts, like that you could have a good meal in a decent restaurant for .15 cents, or that you could buy a four year old Ford for $40.  The author would use a period term that I didn't know without explaining it, which was a writing style I liked.
This was a rare book that I really enjoyed.

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