Thursday, August 4, 2016

Daily Blogging

For awhile now Rebecca has asked me to write general stuff every day so she can share it with you guys.  I resisted this because I didn't think anyone would be interested in this because my days are fairly routine and my thoughts are, well, they're my thoughts and I rarely want to share them.  A couple of events have served to change my mind on this.

Last Sunday I had a visit from two sons, Luke and Colt.  During the visit I shared an idea I had for an App/Web site with them.  Before I even started explaining it they were both extremely interested.  It was kind of funny because before I went into any details Colt asked Luke to go to the vending machines to get us some food and drinks.  Luke knew what his brother was up to and refused.  Colt had tried to send his older brother on an errand so he could hear about my idea alone.  I was pleased that both son's placed value in my idea before knowing what it was.  So you know, they both liked the idea and are now working on who is going to do it.  I'm encouraging them to do it together.  Should be interesting to see how that works out.  They'd be upset if I shared this "great idea" for an app with everyone, but I will tell you about it after they have launched it.

The other thing that convinced me was a user comment from SeanMark6.  A week or so ago I had responded to a WattPad comment he had made to Rebecca on my autobiography, "A Life Wasted." In it he made positive comments on the candid way I write and mentioned that he was writing a Journal. I gave him a rather wordy response and encouraged him to continue writing.  He answered with the below, which really touched me.  So if I make a mess out of this we can thank SeanMark6 as his kind words convinced me to do it:

Wow! Is all I can say - what an honor to receive such deep, even personal words from 'Dad' - I am reeling... I am so very grateful for the insight; and the time you have taken to share with me. Mostly I will treasure these words forever from CW... I'm not sure how to address him respectfully... Thank You - regarding the writing... I am moving house soon...but will make every effort to write...and publish soon... now the inspiration is really blossoming... I almost feel I owe it you....aargh...the pressure... Stay Wonderful My Dear - and blessings to the big guy...

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  1. I really enjoy this!
    I feel badly, you're in prison, but I do find this blog very interesting and insightful.
    Thank you, as well as your daughter Rebecca, for sharing your stories with us.

    Brightest Blessings, Clayton.
    May you always be well.