Monday, August 8, 2016

August 7, 2016

Today is Cody's 27th birthday.  I always call my children on their birthday, but today I have to settle for an email Happy Birthday.  Cody's in LSU's Law School, but is studying the first semester of his third year at a law school in Buenos Aries Argentina.  For the few months he's down there he didn't set up a local phone to save money.  He did the same last summer when he studied law in Lyons, France.  Cody paid for his undergraduate school by doing time in the Army National Guard, but has had to foot the bill for Law School himself.  He started off with a good scholarship, but has handled the rest through hard work.  It's pretty impressive what he's managed to accomplish without any help from me.  As you can imagine, I'm pretty proud of him. So I don't mind that I can't call him on his birthday.
Received an email from Cody yesterday.  He said Buenos Aries is strange to him because it's a large city and he's never lived in a large city.  Plus everyone there speaks a foreign language. Actually, he said he speaks a foreign language and not Spanish like everyone else.  Plans to learn Spanish while he's there.  I nearly suggested it would have been wise to learn the language before going to school in a Spanish speaking country, but held my tongue.  What do I know about law school.  He didn't learn French before studying in France but that worked out so I am sure this will too.  Cody is a competent man who always figures things out.
Cody also mentioned that travel around South America was more difficult and more expensive than travel in Europe.  I found that comment interesting.  He figured the difference was due to South America's larger land mass.  Perhaps, but I suspect South America lacks Europe's modern transportation infrastructure.  I've never been to either continent so I don't really know.
Soccer today.  Knee still hurts but I stayed in goal and took it as easy.  Well, mostly.  It was a good game and no one was hurt.  Win win!  After soccer I took a shower then watched a little TV to recover.   For TV we have standard cable plus a few HBO channels.  Bureau of Prison policy prevent us from watching "R" rated movies so that eliminates most of the good movies.  A good example is that Friday night "Charlie Wilson's War" was on.  None of had seen it so we were all eager to watch it.  We had our microwave pop corn (bought in the commissary) ready and everything, then when the movie was set to start the parental block kicked in.  We had heard it was PG-13, but turns out is was rated "R".  You have no idea how frustrating it is not to have internet access so you can check something as simple as a movie rating.  Saturday night's movie was "Charlie Brown" which we could watch but opted not to.  Watched Big Bang Theory, which I really like, and the Olympics.
Friday night I finished the Brad Meltzer book and am now reading "The First Hostage" by Joel C. Rosenberg.   Interesting book, the premise intrigues me.  It's about a sitting US President being kidnapped by ISIS while attending a peace conference in Jordan.  The main character is a New York Times reporter.  It's an improbable scenario, but the author pulls it off.  I've read another of Rosenberg's books, "The Twelfth Imam" and liked it too.  Hopefully we have many more of his books in the library because I like the way he writes.  Smart, creative, and well written.

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